What is a home remedy for reducing high blood sugar

Natural Cure for High Blood Sugar

Here are some of the most effective natural cures for high blood sugar.

  • Palm leaves have acclaimed to be one of the most effective natural herbs for curing high blood sugar.
  • Plants like Indian gooseberry and Margosa has the power to reduce the blood sugar and repair pancreas that produces insulin.
  • Regular consumption of Margosa leaves or bitter gourd juice can help lower down the sugar level and also regulate the complete cycle.
  • Other plants with great properties of lowering blood sugar levels are fenugreek seeds, onion and garlic have.
  • Stevia is a naturally sweet plant that can be replaced for sugar and tend to reduce sugar levels of the body.
  • Cinnamon helps in enhancing the efficiency of insulin and prevents high blood sugar.
  • Ensure that your diet has more of chromium rich foods because chromium helps to normalize the level of blood sugar and also prevents diabetes.
  • Cut down on sugar. Avoid low fat foods also most of the foods with the label ‘low fat’ has refined sugar present.
  • Spices like turmeric and cinnamon are golden spices to cure high blood sugar as these stimulate the activity of insulin in human body to metabolize glucose. These spices are often used in many recipes and can cut down the increasing blood sugar which eventually prevents diabetes.

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