What Food or Diet Can be Given to a Child Affected by Chichen Pox?

Varicella or chicken pox is caused by a contagious virus varicella zoster. It is transmitted through air by sneezing or coughing. Direct contact with the rash also spreads infection. Fatigue, fever, irritability and cold are the primary symptoms. Chicken pox develops as red rashes, which later forms blisters filled with fluid. The initial 3-5 days of occurrence of blisters are contagious.

Chicken pox is considered life threatening, if seen in patients suffering from cerebellitis, pneumonia or bacterial infection. A soft diet is recommended, as blisters in the mouth are also common. Adequate hydration helps. Cold packs and calamine lotion helps in relieving itch. Easily digestible foods are preferred. Fruit and vegetable juice proves beneficial. Lemon juice, thrice a day is an effective remedy. An oatmeal bath is effective in relieving itch. Acidic foods are declined from the diet. Soup of carrot and coriander is useful. Honey is effective in eliminating the itch and irritation. Tea made with basil, lemon balm and chamomile is beneficial.

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