Remedies For Small Clusters of Multiple Boils On Hands

Try the following home remedies for multiple boils on hands -

  1. Apply vitamin E or calamine lotion or aloe vera gel on the boils as they have a cooling effect when applied to the open area with boils. They will help fasten the healing process and minimize the chances of getting marks caused due to boils.
  2. Apply warm compress near the area of the boil. This will help to ripen the boil and drain it easily without pain.
  3. Soak a piece on bread in cold milk and apply it on these clusters of boils.
  4. Avoid scratching the boils with your finger nails as this can lead to dark marks on your hands. When a boil has already burst squeezes it gently to drain the pus and clean it to avoid any infection.
  5. Keep tract of the food which you include in the diet and see if you are allergic to any.

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