I have optic hypertension and have been using Timoptic eyedrops to keep from developing into glaucoma. Now I have developed a cataract in my right eye. Can you tell me if the medication could have caused this to develope. I am only 52 years old.

An elevated intraocular pressure can cause irreversible damage to the optic nerve and is considered a major risk factor for glaucoma. Timoptic eye drops which were prescribed to you helps to decrease any elevation in the intraocular pressure and also decreases the fluid secretions inside the eye. Thus this eye drops can be the least in the list for causing the problem of cataracts.

Increasing age, heredity, use of certain steroid medications are some of the causes for the development of cataracts. In many cases people have both cataracts and glaucoma, however both these conditions of eye are not related. In cataracts the cloud before the lens of the eye can prevent light passage through the retina and thereby restrict vision. In glaucoma the problem is due to the improper fluid drainage from the eye. Both these condition can cause serious damage to the eye and even vision loss, however vision loss due to glaucoma can be irreversible and permanent.

answered by Dr S

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