What are the exercise for the patient with cataract

Some forms of yoga, and breathing techniques are highly beneficial in treating cataract. However any form of exercise is beneficial in treating the initial stages of the eye disorder. These eye techniques help to un-strain the eyes, build up attention span and in some cases may have the ability to overturn or keep in check the deficiencies of vision. In addition to a proper diet replete with foods rich in vitamin A, especially carrots in any form, yoga can help reverse the initial stage of the eye disorder.

Try a few of these techniques. Briefly shut the eyes doing so in a rapid manner for at least 10 - 15 times a set. Do this simple eye movement a number of times during the day, beginning as the first thing to do early morning. Another simple exercise involves the use of a lit candle. Place yourself in a comfortable position, sitting in an upright manner. Keep a candle at least 5 feet away from yourself and light it. Gaze at the flicker without blinking your eyes, till you feel your eyes begin to smart. Close your eyes for a while and relax for a few seconds and resume stare at the flame once again.

As a home remedy, some herbalists recommend the application of the extract of pumpkin flowers over closed eyes. Crush and extract the juice of pumpkin flowers and soak cotton balls in them. Place them over your closed eyelids and relax for 20 minutes. Pumpkin flower extracts are known to relieve the eyes of any disorders.

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