what home made medicine cures low iron?

Iron is an essential part in the synthesis of hemoglobin. Besides this it also plays an important role in other body metabolism.

Try the following tips to pump up your iron stores.

  • If you have extremely low stores of iron then consult a specialist to correct them with the help of certain iron supplements. As only with diet it is not possible to correct it quickly.
  • Include iron rich foods like dark green leafy vegetables, broccoli, asparagus, peas, rice flakes and black dates and raisins. Non-vegetarian food is loaded with iron include organ meats like liver, kidney, lean meat, chicken and eggs in your daily diet.
  • With your morning breakfast choose a glass of orange juice as the vitamin C in it would facilitate iron absorption in the body.
  • Avoid drinking teas and coffees after any meal as the tannins present in them will hinder iron absorption in the body.
  • Try to bake your food in iron pots and eat that baked potato with the skin. The skin of potato nearly has five times more iron than the rest of the potato.

answered by Dr S

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