my brother(17yr)has been suffering from leucoderma since childhood(6yrs).now due to sunburn black patches appeared on his body. iwant to know cure for this.

Leocuderma is also known as Vitiligo and is characterized by the appearance of white patches on the body of the individual. These patches can appear on any part of the body and most individuals with leucoderma have these patches on several areas of the body. The skin gets its color from the pigment known as melanin. When the cells that produce melanin, known as melanocytes, are destroyed, there is a loss of melanin in the skin and as such white patches begin to form on the body. There can also be loss of melanin in the mucus linings of the nose, mouth and retina of the eyes. Hair growing on the discolored areas may also become white.

The exact reasons why leucoderma occurs, has not been determined as yet. However, research has shown that the condition may be passed on through genetic traits. Leucoderma is also thought to be an autoimmune disorder in which the body's immune system fights against its own tissues and organs. In this process, proteins known as cytokines are produced which affect the melanocytes and destroy them. It is also believed that certain conditions such as stress or sunburn can result in leucoderma.

The patches caused by leucoderma are very sensitive to sunlight and sun burn easily occurs in these areas. It is best to apply sunscreen whenever one needs to go out into the sun. Also, subsequent exposure to the sun must be avoided, as the tanned areas are prone to further darkening. To alleviate the darkening of the skin, your brother can try out any of the usual home remedies for removal of tan. If the sun exposure has also caused redness or itching, then he can apply the gel or juice of aloe vera leaves to the affected areas. This will soothe the sensitive skin. Application of cod liver oil also works well in reducing skin darkening. The juice of a lemon can be applied to the tanned patches as lemon juice serves to naturally bleach the skin. Grated cucumber or slices of cucumber can also be placed on the skin for a lightening effect. Potato is also known to be effective in the removal of darkened patches on the skin. The juice of potato may be applied to the affected skin. Another effective home remedy for removal of dark patches is to apply a paste of turmeric powder, milk and sandalwood powder. This can be applied and left on the skin for twenty minutes and then washed off.

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Leukoderma or vitiligo is essentially a loss of melanin pigmentation in the skin. Although the disorder has no serious side effects, the sensitivity of the patient's skin to sunlight is greatly increased due to the lack of melanin. This leads to a greater risk of sunburn, skin cancer, and other skin diseases and damage related to sunlight exposure. Since your brother has been dealing with the disorder for over ten years now, it is probably unnecessary to say this, but he should avoid directly exposing the affected areas of his skin to sunlight for long periods of time.

In any case, the treatment for sunburn on a vitiligo patient is the same as for anyone else, and essentially involves simply easing the discomfort and pain while the skin heals itself. This is done by hydrating the skin. Periodic cold showers provide some relief. In addition, drink lots of water, take vitamin E capsules, and apply lotions containing aloe or vitamin E. Applying vinegar to the sunburnt areas also helps by easing the stinging sensation. You can also apply a cold compress using a clean, soft cloth soaked in cold milk. For the duration of the healing process, avoid any exposure to sunlight.

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