what if your discharge is yellow?does that mean that you have chlamydia?

Chlamydia trachomatis is the culprit bacterium behind the occurrence of chlamydia infection, which is a sexually transmitted disease. Symptoms are difficult to detect and is seen to occur in both the sexes. Occurrence of complications helps in diagnosing the disease. At times, it becomes too late to treat. Lower abdominal pain, cystitis and changes in vaginal discharge are some of the characteristic symptoms of chlamydia in women. Discharge from the penis with irritation in the urethra is common in men. Sperm function and fertility are affected. Joint inflammation in men is also common. Chlamydia results in the life threatening pelvic inflammatory disease or pelvic infection. They affect the fallopian tubes, thereby inhibiting the movement of the eggs to the womb. The fallopian tubes are blocked, preventing fertility. Development of womb in the tubes or ectopic pregnancy is also seen to occur. Diagnostic tests are the best way to confirm chlamydia infection. You can go in for a test, in case of unprotected sex. An infected partner infects the spouse. The risk of this infection is high in women below 20 years of age. Multiple partners also raise concern. Antibiotics are the mode of treatment. Regular checking and condom usage prevents infection.

answered by Dr C

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