My heart omits frequently a beat, and that is followed by a stronger one after a while. What is the cause and is there anything I can do about it?

Irregular heartbeat can be caused due to various reasons, some of which are electrolyte imbalance (mainly sodium or potassium), heart muscle changes, CAD or coronary artery diseases or an injury from a heart attack. It can also be due to high blood pressure, stress, anxiety, fear, thyroid disease, exercise, caffeine, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking or side effects of certain drugs. An occasional skip of a heart beat is not a serious problem if you don't have any underlying heart diseases. Try and identify the cause by keeping a note of the skipped heart beat. Which situations or time are more favorable. Consult a specialist who will suggest you some tests like an ECG, blood test, stress test, 3Dechocardiogram, or an ambulatory ECG depending on the severity of your condition to draw a correct diagnosis. Treatment would largely depend on the diagnosis and the result of the tests. If all the tests are negative then you need not worry, just relax and reduce the stress and anxiety levels in your life.

answered by Dr S

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