Anxiety and Hot Flashes

by Sharon Hopkins

A considerable number of women are known to experience hot flashes even pre-menopause which may be driven by extreme anxiety. An anxiety hot flash is experienced in the form of sudden waves of increased blood flow as well as a heat sensation. Anxiety and the consequent hot flashes may be experienced externally in the form of sweaty palms and hands. Anxiety driven hot flashes are observed in those who are also known to be prone to panic attacks or anxiety attacks or even frequent generalized anxiety.

The symptoms of anxiety driven hot flashes will typically accompany the usual anxiety attack symptoms and the heat sensation will usually last for 20 minutes to a maximum of 30 minutes depending on the level of anxiety.

Post Menopausal Hot Flashes

Post menopausal hot flashes are known to occur in three distinct forms, namely, night sweats, heart palpitations and hot flashes.

  • Heart palpitations are known to often give women a slight scare as it becomes difficult to determine whether the palpitation is on account of the factors that are related to menopause or because of a hormone fluctuation.
  • Night sweats are basically seen in the form of heavy sweating mostly in the night time, however in some cases, women are also known to sweat heavily during the day.
  • Hot flashes after menopause can be experienced at any time without warning and will usually begin at the torso of the woman.

Menopause Anxiety Treatment

Menopause and anxiety attacks when jointly experienced by a woman can be quite overwhelming and may even result in them feeling breathless for a short period of time because of the elevated heart rate. Some of the ways to minimize the frequency as well as the intensity of menopause and anxiety attacks are:

Try to calm yourself down and go for a cool shower as this will lower the temperature of the skin by pushing the blood away from the skin.

  • Menopause anxiety treatment also involves taking up stress management as well as relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga, breathing techniques etc which help in dealing with anxiety.
  • Menopause and anxiety attacks can also be minimized by staying well hydrated and increasing the intake of carbohydrates as well as foods such as bananas, milk, oats, peanut butter etc.

Similarly, women are also known to experience perimenopause anxiety which may be on account of stress as well as a fall in the estrogen levels.



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