when is hot or very humidity, i got red circles on my legs and arms, with itching

Skin blisters, reddening, itching and inflammation are the typical signs of a rash. Skin texture changes and a burning sensation is also experienced. Allergy to harsh chemicals, used in daily life, such as shampoos, soaps, dyes and so on is one of the major contributing factor. Reaction with the dress is another factor.

Topical application of olive oil on the affected area is helpful against rashes. Supplements of vitamin E and cod liver oil prove beneficial. Gentle application of baking powder is an effective mode of treatment. A decoction of chamomile tea is an effective wash. Aloe vera gel acts as a soothing agent in healing rashes of all kinds.

Essential oils, such as chamomile help in alleviating inflammation and is therefore recommended for diaper rash. Jewelweed is a herb that provides relief from insect bites, poison ivy and stings. An excellent herbal astringent is witch hazel. Flowers of wild pansy help in relieving itch. A decoction of the bark is applied on the affected area. Calendula oil is an effective agent. It produces white blood cells, thereby aiding destruction of harmful microbes.

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