Does asthma spread by smooching?

No. asthma is not a transferable disease and therefore does not spread from one person to another. You can't give someone asthma by kissing or smooching. Asthma is largely a genetically inherited disease which can also be caused by various environmental conditions. It is a chronic condition and is incurable. In asthma, the patient's lungs suffer and cause wheezing and cough. A person suffering from Asthma experiences frequent tightening in the chest, due to inflammation of the air passages of the lungs. This makes it difficult for them to breath. They do have chronic cough but it's definitely not contagious. The lungs of asthmatics become hypersensitive to any outside irritant. If the air that is inhaled is not completely filtered and an irritant manages to enter the air passage, the passage immediately begins to swell, constricting the airway and causing trouble in breathing. Over a period of time, mucus gets deposited in the airway and the size of the passage gets drastically reduced.

Asthma is primarily of two types: allergic and non allergic.

An allergic asthma attack is triggered usually by an allergen like pollen which can get into the airway and cause irritation and constriction of passage. Tobacco, pet hair, dander, and mold are also major allergens. Non allergic asthma on the other hand is induced by anxiety or over exertion. Chemical pollutants can also cause a non allergic asthma attack. Asthma, no matter which type it is, requires extensive treatment. An asthma attack can actually be fatal. A person may keep gasping for air but the lungs are unable to let any air pass through and this leads to a cardiac arrest. Inhalers that are significantly fast acting can immediately quell an attack and provide temporary relief. That is why asthmatics are advised to always carry their inhalers wherever they go. The medicine in the inhaler helps soothe and relax the muscles.

There is also long term medication which doesn't cure asthma but helps make the patient less susceptible to allergic triggers. Today Asthma is one of the least controlled ailments in the world. The deaths associated with this terrible disease have doubled in the last three decades. Even with all the technological advancements and complex research and development, no one has been able to find a cure. Asthma keeps getting passed on from generation to generation and many of us unknowingly become carriers of this disease. However, the genetic traits move very slowly and the epidemic status of the disease cannot be explained and accounted for.

answered by G M

Asthma is a disease wherein it is more difficult for a patient to exhale than it is to inhale. This happens because of sudden spasms that result in involuntary muscle contractions of the alveoli in the lungs. There are a vast variety of reasons for asthma. It may be caused due to an allergy that is related to food, the weather, any kind of drug or medication, perfume, dust or smoke. There is no scientific or medical evidence to prove that asthma is contagious and may spread by smooching, or any other similar activity.

However, any condition wherein the patient would hold their breath for a while could lead to an attack of asthma. It is always better to try and get rid of asthma than face any embarrassing situation because of it. There are certain home remedies you can follow for curing asthma effectively. Figs are a particularly useful fruit in controlling the disease. When taken with warm milk and honey, their effect only increases. Honey is also considered a remedial measure for asthma. Merely taking a teaspoon of warm honey every night before bedtime should help to breathe easier and enable the patient to spend a more comfortable night. Take a clove of garlic with warm water every morning. This will help to control the symptoms of asthma as well.

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