My two year son was diagnoses with asthma and allergies I am trying to find some natural cure for him

Asthma is a disease wherein it is difficult for a patient to exhale, rather than inhale. This happens due to sudden spasms that result in involuntary muscle contractions of the alveoli in the lungs. There are many reasons for asthma. It may be caused due to an allergy that is related to food, the weather, any kind of drug or medication, perfume, dust or smoke. You can follow certain home remedies for curing asthma effectively. Figs are useful in controlling the disease. When taken with warm milk and honey, their beneficial effect increases. Honey is considered a remedial measure for asthma. A teaspoon of warm honey every night before bedtime should help to make breathing easier and enable the patient to spend a more comfortable night.

For allergies, there are some simple cover-all remedies that you can follow for your son. The first thing to know is that allergies strike those who have a weakened immune system. The first thing to do is improve your son's immunity. This can be done by consuming one dose of Indian gooseberry (indian gooseberry) powder everyday. This is available over the counter, and is the richest source of vitamin C, which will improve immunity tremendously. You can also take two doses of Echinacea everyday to make your system tougher. This herb is considered a powerful tool to improve general health and immunity. It is also easily available in capsule form.

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