Cure for pain after back surgery

Any surgery always takes a lot out of you and your body. The body undergoes some major surgical procedures and requires some time in order to get over this. The team of doctors who have operated on you are doing their best to ensure your fast recovery with appropriate medication. They keep a close watch on your progress and try to ensure that the entire process is as smooth as possible. Lying in your hospital bed, you may well feel helpless and annoyed with yourself for your ability to help yourself. However, your positive attitude counts for a lot in the recovery process. You can help yourself and the doctors by being a model patient and obeying rules, and following all the instructions.

Since your body has undergone such a huge procedure, it is but natural that you experience pain. Your muscles may be inflamed due to the surgical procedure and you may experience spasms during the day. You should remember that these are the natural side effects of surgery. In the initial days after your surgery this pain is often unbearable and you may feel as if you will never be comfortable again. Be a little patient and try to live through the pain. However, this does not mean that you do not immediately alert your doctor to any unexpected pain that you experience. With the approval of the doctor you can also try gently applying heat to your body to get some relief.

answered by G M

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