I have been feeling nauseated for a couple of weeks. Why is this going on? I have not missed my monthly periods.

Nausea for two weeks is not a regular state of affairs. If you are not pregnant, it is advisable to see a physician, who would be able to determine if there is anything seriously wrong with you. If your nausea is constant, look for sugar-free peppermint candy in a local store. Mint is a strong flavor which helps to settle down any kind of nauseous or sickening feelings very effectively. You should also drink a lot of chilled water, as this will also help settle your system.

If you have the kind of nausea wherein you can actually feel the bile rise in your throat every now and then, you must spit out the saliva that comes up and drink chilled water immediately. Ginger ale is considered one of the best home remedies for heart burn and constant nausea. Wait for the soda to go flat before drinking it, as the carbonation will only add to your misery. You can also add a pinch of rock salt to the ginger ale; this will help you feel better too. You will find that simple things such as eating dry water crackers or saltines or a slice of bread can go a long way towards settling a wayward stomach. Products such as these are high on flour and yeast, and will soak extra acid from the stomach that is making you feel sick. Surround yourself with fresh citrus scents like lemons and mandarins to keep you feeling fresh at all times.

answered by G M

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