Best way to clean intestinal track?

Your colon is in charge of the task of getting rid of the waste matter in your body. The colon is expected to take in water and salts even as it works at maintaining a balance of fluids and electrolytes in your body. Often the colon unable to carry out these duties and requires some help. If you have experienced symptoms that convinced you that your colon needs cleansing then you should visit a doctor who will be able to help you with appropriate suggestions.

The best way to cleanse your colon is by ensuring that you eat food that is healthy and consumed in balanced proportions at every meal. A sluggish bowel can be the result of bad dietary habits, with emphasis on the consumption of food items that contain sugar, white flour, oil and caffeine.

A regular intake of fiber is one of the first requirements, when attempting to cleanse your colon. Eat wheat, oats and ensure that you include garlic and fennel in your diet. The stimulation of natural peristaltic action requires the consumption of plenty of water. In a day a person is expected to consume at least half your weight. Simply drinking this much water and including fiber in your diet on a regular basis, will help you get your colon cleansed.

answered by M W

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