What are some home remedies for toddler cold?

There are many effective cures for treating cold and cough in adults but in case of children and toddlers you have to be very careful and cautious. The best remedy for treating cold in children or toddlers is application of Vicks and vaporizer.

Some of the other cures for toddler cold are as follows:

  • Chamomile or mint tea is the best cure for treating cold in toddlers.
  • You can even pour few drops of honey in herbal tea and drink. This will help in soothing toddler's throat and alleviating cold.
  • Warm herbal tea is good for healing cold and bringing relief.
  • Gargling with apple cider vinegar is a good cure for treating cold in toddlers.
  • Prepare a mixture of honey, lemon juice and warm water. This will help in treating cold and soothing throat of your children.
  • A diluted tea with honey and lemon is another alternative cure for cold.
  • Gentle massage with Vicks or balm on the chest or around the nose can also prove to be beneficial in treating cold.
  • Feed your children with pear juice. It is believed that drinking pear juice can effectively treat cold in toddlers.
  • Pickle Brine, miso soup and cayenne powder are also great for curing cold in toddlers.
  • Gargling with lukewarm salt water is also a useful cure.

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