Causes and reasons for unconsciousness in teenager

While this may seem like a worrisome thing, losing consciousness while giving blood is nothing but light headedness. This dizziness that makes him lose consciousness is not a very common symptom. It would therefore make sense to get a second opinion. This dizziness could be a symptom of some disorder that your son might be suffering and not really a disease. It is the brain that is responsible for maintaining a sense of balance in the body. Not only does the brain process information, it also responds to each signal appropriately. If the brain, for some reason, is unable to process these signals, the signals become contradictory or queued up. The senses are therefore not able to respond and the person feels light headed.

Light headedness is common when the brain does not get enough oxygen. This lack of oxygen could be caused by an obstruction in the blood flow to the brain. You may want to get your son checked for any hemorrhages or symptoms of thrombosis and embolism, which might be causing this disruption in the blood circulation. Light headedness could also be caused due to simpler reasons. If a person has experienced dehydration due to any reasons like vomiting or diarrhea, that too could cause this light headedness. A sudden drop in blood pressure due to hunger or lack of blood sugar is also often associated with light headedness.

Light-headedness is quite common and generally unpleasant. Usually in this condition, a person may constantly feel faint. Sometimes, the head seems to be weightless. Dizziness often causes the room to appear as 'spinning'. This condition could also be accompanied with vertigo. The good news however, is that this condition is transient and usually doesn't require any treatment. It is also not a very serious condition and therefore is cured quite readily.

If at all light headedness can be linked to a serious condition, it is an abnormal heart rhythm or a problem related to the heart. However, since you have already got all the tests done for your son, and the reports are normal, you do not have to worry about that. If your son has any kind of nutritional deficiency or is skipping meals, pay attention to his diet. Also get his eyes checked. This problem can also be caused due to a problem in the eyes. However, it is still better to go to a doctor and discuss his medical history so that you are certain that the light headedness is just a temporary situation and is not linked to anything serious.

answered by G M

Your son is experiencing what is typically known as light headedness, or dizziness. This could be a symptom, and most of the time, it is not a disease in itself. It is also usually temporary and mild and has no obvious cause. Light headedness normally occurs when there is lack of blood reaching the brain. This can happen due to dehydration from vomiting, diarrhea, a sudden drop in blood pressure, or fever. Light headedness is also often a symptom of the flu, low blood sugar, common cold or allergies. Serious conditions that can lead to light headedness include heart problems such as abnormal heart rhythm or heart attack. But since your son's reports in that area are normal, it is better to check out for alternatives. This problem can occur due to malnutrition, something that needs to be determined by a physician.

It could also be a problem with his eyes that could be causing him to pass out. This would also need to be checked out and eliminated. If he faints while giving blood, it could also be that he is simply afraid of needles. After eliminating all possibilities, if your son is still deemed as medically normal and fit, you would need to address this problem with a psychological bent, to see if there is any such cause for his fainting.

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