Health benefits of lemon during winter

Lemon juice possesses a variety of beneficial effects. A salad with greens, olive oil and lemon juice prove to be a good warmer for winter. Lemon juice is recommended for cold, as a remedy. More than eighty percent value of ascorbic acid is seen in one lemon. Immunity levels are boosted by lemon juice, due to the vitamin C content.

Lemon juice is used as an excellent detoxification agent. Enhancement of immunity results in an increase in the white blood cell content. This in turn helps in fighting off infection, thereby protecting the body. Juice of a lemon is diluted with water to reduce the acidity. Honey is added to sweeten the solution. The duration of a cold infection is reduced. Other uses of lemon juice include the following:

It is also a natural way of treating body pain, associated with cold and fever. Lemon juice is added with ginger tea or regular black tea. It has an invigorating effect. It soothes sore throat and helps in providing relief from chest and nasal congestion. A cut lemon in a cup of water is used as an odor repellent inside the refrigerator. Lemon also possesses anti bacterial and anti carcinogenic properties. Lemon juice squeezed on the floor ends repel ants and keep them at bay.

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