how to get rid of popped blood vessels in the face

Red patches or small red spots of pin point size under the skin's surface are referred to as petechiae. Leakage of blood from the capillaries into the skin results in petechiae. Petechiae, also referred to as ecchymosis, if blood collection happens in larger areas. Blood is collected in flat areas under the skin, is known as purpura. Thrombocytopenia or low platelet count is a typical cause of petechiae. This is attributed to the coagulating function of thrombocytes.

Septicimia or blood poisoning, viral infection, bone marrow disorders, side effects of chemotherapy drugs and autoimmune disorders are the other culprits contributing to thrombocytopenia. Petechiae fail to dissolve on pressure and are less than 3 millimeter in diameter. They are also referred to as intradermal hemorrhages. These are prevented by taking proper care of the skin. Use pressure to stop any kind of bleeding due to injury. Immediate treatment depends on the underlying cause.

Petechiae caused due to injury rely on treatment of injury. Transfusion is recommended in case of low platelet levels or any blood factor. Application of ice compress proves beneficial. Individuals suffering from cancer require chemotherapy, thereby preventing septicemia and petechiae.

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