Thrush in infants, any home remedies

Thrush is a common infection in babies below two months though in some cases older children have also been known to be affected by this. Thrush is caused by an imbalance in the level of yeast in your baby's system. All of us do have yeast in our body. However, when there is some outside influence, the amount of yeast in the body is affected. This leads to a sudden change in the amount of yeast. And that is what thrush is. You can identify thrush in your baby by the white patches on the sides and walls of the baby's mouth. This infection looks like cottage cheese. Some times the babies get this infection from the mother while in other cases the mother gets the infection from the baby.

If your baby has had this condition for a long time, you should consult her doctor since this could be the symptom of some other medical condition, requiring attention. One of the easiest things that you can do to help your baby is eat lots of yogurt. You can also ensure that you keep yourself clean, especially if you are breast feeding your baby. Wash your clothes regularly and use plenty of hot water. You can try using white vinegar on your breasts. Use a cotton swab to apply this on your breasts. You can also use olive oil.

answered by M W

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