My Husband suffering from cold sore four times out of a year. How can we stop so it won't come back....

Before beginning any kind of treatment, you should know that there is no home remedy that will permanently cure cold sores. However, there are several methods which will make them disappear for the time being, and infinite ways to bring relief. The simplest method is to apply ice to the area, which will momentarily make that part of the mouth numb and bring instant relief. Alternatively, you can use chilled tea bags for the same thing. Make a paste of turmeric powder and clarified butter and apply this to your sores. This will help with healing.

Applying chilled milk cream to your sores will moisturize them and give you relief from itching. Witch Hazel will bring cooling relief and also assist in healing sores. Another very effective remedy is aloe vera gel or juice. If you can find this fresh, it will work better, but bottled will also work equally well. Mix equal parts of organic cider vinegar and rose water to help with curing the sore. Calamine lotion also gives cooling relief. A paste made of common salt, baking soda and water will help to cure sores. Indian gooseberries (Indian gooseberry) boost the body's Vitamin C supply and help fight all infections. You should have a teaspoon of this with water twice a day.

answered by M W

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