Advice on estrogen supplements

How to over come the negative effects of taking artificial estrogen tablets and are there any home-remedies to avoid this please suggest

Information on Excessive use of Estrogen Supplements

The side effects of taking estrogen supplements vary greatly, depending on the type of estrogen, the method of delivery, the dosage, the duration for which the treatment lasts, and possibly even the condition that it is being used to treat. Since you have not provided any of this information, it is difficult to say what the side effects will be. In any case, the doctor who has prescribed the tablets you are taking will be in the best position to inform you about any side effects and possible measures to avoid these side effects.

It is difficult to generalize, as there are many dependencies, but among the main risks with estrogen supplements are breast cancer, endometrial cancer, heart disease, and strokes. Other risks associated with estrogen therapy include blood clotting and dementia, at least with conjugated equine estrogens. Some studies have shown that esterified estrogens may actually have beneficial side effects, such as on cholesterol levels and the risk of heart disease.

Some of these risks seem to exist only when estrogen is taken orally, and not when applied topically, for example, in the form of a cream. Since you are taking estrogen tablets, there may be some risks, but as mentioned before, you should discuss the situation with your doctor.

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