I have post nasal drip on the right side. It has gotten to the point where it feels like there is a lump in the back of my throat caused by it. What can I do?

It is very important to blow your nose on regular basis as this will eliminate the formed mucous on the back of your throat. If you avoid this activity the mucus would accumulate on the back of your throat and like you feel a lump in the back is possible. Besides try the following home remedies for your post nasal drip -

  • Add ¼ teaspoon of salt in water and draw this water in an aspirator. Flush your nose with this water with the help of the aspirator by putting it in the nostril.
  • Add salt in warm water ad gargle with this solution. This is an effective way to cure post nasal drip; however you should do this properly by making it sure that the water reaches at the back of your throat.
  • Avoid too spicy foods, hot peppers, green peppers and chilies in the diet as they may further aggravate your nasal drip.
  • Minimize your milk consumption for some time till you feel better. As the lactose in milk acts as food for the molds and bacteria in the throat which can increase their population and weaken your immune system.
  • Include lots of fluids in your day. Emphasize on hot soups, chicken broths, vegetable soups and broths. This will make you feel better.

answered by S P

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