How do you make a busted lip go down?

A swollen upper lip is a very common problem, experienced by most men, women and children at some time or the other. It is not a condition or a disease, but is more like a symptom of injuries or other conditions. The severity of the problem may depend entirely on the swollen lips causes. In most cases, swollen lips are not really a cause for concern, but since a person's lips are one of the most prominent features, a swelling could be more of an embarrassment, if nothing else. In case the size of the swelling is to severe, it could interfere with a person's ability to eat and speak.

In some cases, people may experience only a swollen lip, but at other times, the swelling may be accompanied by other uncomfortable symptoms too, like cracks, pain, bleeding, itchiness or burning. Therefore, even though the problem may not be particularly serious on its own, most people seek swollen lip treatment, mainly to seek relief from the discomfort. However, before undergoing any treatment for swollen lips, or even before using any home remedies, it is best to identify what the possible swollen lips causes could be.

Many people identify the causes on their own, especially if they have sustained an injury or been in an accident. However, in case the swelling is caused by an allergy or by an underlying medical condition, then a visit to the doctor may be necessary. Given below are some of the most common causes of swollen lips:


The lips are very delicate and therefore, are prone to many injuries. People who get into a fight or suffer a blow to the face are very likely to get a swollen lip. Many children and adults too, could get hit on the lips by objects, like balls, toys, Frisbees, which usually lead to a swelling, even if the injury is minor. Many people have suffered from a swollen upper lip, after biting it while eating, which is one of the most common swollen upper lip causes.


It is very common for people to suffer swollen lip allergies, especially after eating certain food. Apart from a swollen upper lip allergic reaction, certain food items could cause the other parts of the mouth also to swell, like the tongue or the gums. Apart from food allergies, people could suffer from allergies towards bug bites or insect stings.

Poor diet

In today's fast paced and hectic world, it is very common for people to heat a higher amount of junk food, instead of eating health and nutritious food items. This could lead to sever nutritional deficiencies in a person, which could be characterized by swollen lips in the morning, which may continue throughout the day.


When a person is suffering from any infections, diseases or conditions, certain parts of the body may swell. One of the infections, known to cause swollen lips includes oral herpes. One of the swollen lips causes is a disease or a health problem known as Acromegaly. Several skin infections can also lead to a rash or blisters around the lips, causing them to swell. There are several reports on swollen upper lip and hives too. Acne too, could cause a person to suffer a swollen upper lip from pimple inflammation.


Many people have adverse reactions to certain medicines and one of the side effects cause by medicines could include swelling in the lips. However in this case, the swelling is temporary and usually subsides with time.

Since a swollen lip is not a major cause for concern, it is natural for people to first use home remedies for swollen lips, in order to deal with the condition. The first step people usually take in home swollen lip treatment is the application of ice, to bring the swelling down. However, it is important to ensure that the ice is not applied directly on to the lips. The ice cubes should be placed in a plastic bag and then wrapped in a towel, before being applied on to the lips. After a break of 15 minutes, the exercise should be repeated.

In case of allergies, there are certain antihistamines that can bring down the swelling at a faster pace. However, it is important for people to identify the food allergens and then avoid them strictly. People who are suffering from Vitamin deficiency because of a poor diet may be asked to take some supplements to boost the levels of nutrition in their bodies.

There are simple home remedies that people can also apply to their lips, to reduce the swelling, some of which include:

  • A mixture of fuller's earth, turmeric powder and water, which should be applied on the lips
  • Placing a warm teabag on the swollen lips
  • Applying a waxy balm on the lops, to help them heal faster
  • Drinking a lot of water, to moisten the lips naturally

In case there is any bleeding, it is important to use the right medication, after consultation with a doctor.

answered by G R

Treatment for swollen lip -

  1. Just apply cold packs or ice.
  2. If there is infection please take homeopathic remedy calacrea carb 1m just one dose followed by Medorrhinum 1000 just 1 dose after 1 month of calcarea.
  3. Press lips internally in the mouth repeatedly for 20 times. Practice this exercise 2 times daily.

answered by D M K

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