Male Menopause

by Kevin Pederson

Male menopause is also inevitable among aging men the way menopause simply is inevitable among women. Male menopause is just normal for aging men because it is natural that levels of male hormones are declining with old age. It is estimated that male start to suffer from little to negligible fall in testosterone levels by the time they reach the age of 40 years. Dropping male hormone levels is said to be rampant and more accelerated by the time the person hits 60 years old and above.

Male menopause is almost always age related. It is a common fact that the basic symptoms of the medical condition would not be manifesting in male population younger than 40 years. Scientists and experts assert that by the time men reach 40 years old, their bodies and systems are almost always feeling tired and weary.

Symptoms of male menopause

There are common manifestations of male menopause among men. By the time men reach the age of 60 years old, early and apparent symptoms of the condition may be exhibited and may surface significantly visible.

Male menopause is usually indicated first and primarily by lessened sexual drive. The man may notice that his arousal and interest on sex may have drastically fallen down, although still not completely phased out. With this symptom is infertility, which would disable the man to impregnate any woman. Erectile dysfunction is also evident and experienced.

Other symptoms may include falling or loss of pubic hair and other bodily hair like those in the chest, arms, legs and even face. The scrotum may also appear shrinking. For some men, there is loss in height and even thinning of the bones, plus shrinking of muscles and reduced strength.

Emotional or mental manifestations would be declining energy and self-confidence, poor memory and concentration, insomnia, rising mass of body fat, lowered physical performance and of course, depression.


Although male menopause is not exactly a disease, there are several treatments to the condition. Male menopause is natural and is inevitable, but there are some known measures on how the process can be complemented, if not lessened.

Testosterone replacement therapy is one viable and feasible option. Just like in male hypogonadism, added or synthetic testosterone is injected or infused into the person’s body. The aim of such a procedure is to make the levels of testosterone level normalize to facilitate basic and usual bodily activities.

There are numerous herbal supplements that manufactures claim could help raise and normalize testosterone levels. Some users of such products attest that the products are effective. But experts say there are approved therapeutic claims of herbal supplements for male menopause.

Overall, male menopause is inevitable. Just like as aging can never be prevented, so is the condition. There is nothing wrong with dealing with male menopause and it is not an indication of lowered masculinity. Men who would feel positive and who would embrace male menopause are naturally more masculine that anyone else. By accepting the inevitable, men would be more empowered and would be more in control when they reach their old age.

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