Treatment for Arrhythmia

Most people with arrhythmias do not require any specific treatment. However, there are some others which may require regular treatment. The first stage of treatments for arrhythmias is the use of beta blockers and other drugs which can correct the arrhythmias. Blood thinners and anti-coagulants may also be used to effectively treat the coagulation of the arteries.

Most cases of arrhythmias are treated with the help of a pacemaker installed in a person’s body. The pacemaker is a very small device which sends electrical impulses to the heart to restore the rhythm of its beating. Some arrhythmias may be treated by sending a jolt of electricity to the heart. This treatment is called defibrillation.

Another procedure known as catheter ablation may be used. In this treatment, a thin catheter is inserted into the body and guided through to the heart. A small area of tissues is then destroyed to ensure steady rhythms.