Causes of Agoraphobia

The exact causes of Agoraphobia are still not clear, but health experts believe that this disorder occurs due to certain psychological and physical factors. Some of the common causes of agoraphobia may include:

  • The use of certain medication and / or substances
  • A history of drug abuse or alcohol abuse
  • A highly traumatic childhood experience, or a series of traumatic experiences  
  • A life-altering event like, such as the death of a family member, separation and so on
  • Mental illnesses like depression or an eating disorder
Studies indicate that there could also be a link between agoraphobia and palatial orientation.

Agoraphobia is like an anthology of panic disorder, which causes you to experience bouts of intense fear for no significant reason. Given below are the phases you go through, in case you are suffering from this condition:

  • In the initial stages, or before a diagnosis, you may just believe that you are losing control or perhaps even having a heart attack.
  • The actual development of the condition begins when you start making a connection between your panic attacks and the situations in which they have occurred.
  • After that, you are likely to start avoiding situations in an attempt to prevent a panic attack.
It is only in rare cases that agoraphobia occurs without a panic disorder.

Anyone can suffer from agoraphobia, regardless of their age. However, this disorder becomes evident in those people who are in their teens or early 20s. Studies show that women are more likely to suffer from agoraphobia, as compared to men.