Solutions to Teenage Pregnancy

The options available for pregnant teens include abortion, adoption and raising the child with family support. There may have to be several discussions between the health care provider and the teen in order to explain the various options and enable the teen to make a decision. The health care provider may also try to involve the father of the baby or the parents in the decision.

There are various teenage pregnancies programs which provide proper prenatal care to ensure that the baby stays healthy and is free from complications. These programs also test the young mother for alcohol or drug use and smoking and help them to quit any unhealthy habits.

Through proper education and awareness, pregnant teens can be taught about the importance of adequate and proper nutrition, exercise and sufficient rest. Information about contraception is also important after the delivery to prevent subsequent pregnancies.

Teenagers who have just given birth should be encouraged to finish their education. They should also be offered special educational programs which can help them to become good parents and provide for their child. Teen mothers who decide to stay in school or take up a job require affordable child care.

Studies have shown that a considerable number of abortions which take place every year are performed on teenage girls. Younger women are more likely to experience problems in coping after an abortion. This may be because many teens opt for an abortion due to pressure. They may also be pressurized to undergo abortions later in the pregnancy which poses greater health risks. This pressure may be much more in case of teens who are victims of sexual abuse. Research carried out on teens and abortion indicated that teenagers who undergo an abortion in the last six months of the pregnancy are 6 times more likely to attempt suicide than teenagers who do not undergo an abortion. Teenagers who abort are also more likely to develop psychological problems.