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Naturopath :: Candace McNaughton, ND
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1523 E Madison St, Seattle,
: 2063224416
Crescent Natural Health

Candace McNaughton, ND will help you to make lasting changes in your life and to achieve health goals.

In addition to general medicine, Dr McNaughton specializes in allergies, Parkinson’s, heart health, digestive health, immune health, and making real change!

Dr. McNaughton facilitates healing of body, mind, and spirit as a knowledgable guide and partner. As a patient, you will be an active participant in your healing process.

She blends custom herbal tinctures tailored to the patient and modified as needed.

Diet and nutrient therapy, detoxification, B vitamin injections, craniosacral therapy, and homeopathy are also available for patients, as well as antibiotics or hormones if necessary.