Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is classified as an anxiety disorder. It is characterized by obsessions and compulsions in which you feel the need to repeat certain behaviors which may be normal in their own, but are deemed abnormal due to the repetition. These compulsions often interfere with a person's ability to perform everyday functions. It may also interfere with a person's social life, professional life, education and other aspects of life.

The condition is deemed abnormal because of the time spent performing the obsessive activities. There is also a fear of what could happen if the behavior is not performed. The person may feel extremely distressed and fear the worst if even a simple action such as locking the door is not performed a set number of times.

Medical practitioners have classified OCD into four different categories. These categories are defined by the characteristics of the obsessions. These categories are obsession with hoarding; obsessions which are aggressive, religious or make you check things compulsively; obsessions relating to repetition and symmetry of arrangement and obsession of contamination and cleaning.

So what is obsessive-compulsive disorder? It is an anxiety related disorder where the compulsive thoughts are irresistible to a person despite understanding the irrationality of these thoughts.

People with OCD may find themselves worrying about contamination and fret about germs and cleanliness. Though there are a lot of other compulsions that a person experiences, cleanliness is usually the most common of all. Most people who suffer from this condition have a very rigid set of rules which they are obsessive about. Some of the most common obsessions, apart from cleanliness, are skin picking, hand washing, lock checking and arranging items in a particular order. They may never touch another person due to the fear of germs from them.

Alternative Names

Alternative names of obsessive-compulsive disorder include OCD and obsessive-compulsive neurosis.