• One of the fastest growing cancers, melanoma is spreading at an epidemic rate.
  • Despite research and studies to find a cure for melanoma, it is the sixth most common form of cancer.
  • Along side breast cancer, melanoma is the second largest cause of death in women post 30s.

Melanin is the natural pigment in our skin that lends us color. Melanin is also responsible for determining the color of our hair and eyes. Another important function of melanin is to control the absorption of UV (ultra violet) radiation from the sun through the skin. In moderation, UV rays help our bodies to produce Vitamin D. However, overexposure to ultra violet rays can cause skin cancers such as melanoma.

So, what is Melanoma? Triggers to this fatal form of skin cancer range from over exposure to ultra violet radiation from the sun to excessive use of tanning beds or lamps. In some cases, a family history of skin disorders or cancers may increase the chances of developing melanoma. Detected at an early stage, melanoma maybe treated and cured completely. Although, individuals treated for melanoma may have to watch out for signs of other forms of cancer, there is definitely a good chance of cure and survival for individuals with melanoma.