Huntington's Disease

It would be unnerving to say the least, to wake up one day to a world where your locomotor skills do not work any longer. You find yourself swaying and wobbling around. The onset of this devastating situation often signals Huntington's disease, where nerve cells in the brain begin to disintegrate over time. The impact is seen in the individual losing control over themselves, their thoughts and movements. Huntington's disease can be roughly segregated into its early, middle and late stages of progression.

Research has shown that the disease is more prevalent among the Caucasians than the Asian population. It usually sets in when the individual is in his thirties and gradually progresses for another two decades or so before being deemed fatal. The hereditary nature of Huntington's disease makes it a truly dreaded ailment. Till date, medical research is ongoing to seek out a cure for this disease.

Alternative Names:

Huntington's Chorea, Hereditary Chorea, Chronic Progressive Chorea