Treatment for Encephalitis

The treatment for encephalitis depends on its severity. In mild cases, the condition can be easily treated with the help of regular bed rest and a healthy diet. You may also have to drink a lot of fluids and consume some anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve pressure in the head. In severe cases, you may need aggressive antiviral treatments. The antiviral medications depend on the kind of virus associated with the treatment. Insect borne viruses may often not respond to any of these treatments. For such infections, a broad range antiviral can be used.

There may be some side effects to the antiviral treatment and hospitalization may be necessary where the symptoms are severe. There may be soreness in the joints and muscles, and in such cases, you may need supportive care and physical therapy along with the viral treatments. After the initial illness has been treated, supportive care and follow up therapy may be required.