Home Remedies for Concussion

Home remedies for concussion includes herbal therapy to aid healing and recovery of the brain. Herbal therapists recommend the use of the herb Ginkgo Biloba to help with brain damage. It is believed that Gingko Biloba helps increase blood flow to the brain, reduce memory loss, enhance and encourage transmission of nerve signals to and from the brain, and improves overall energy. You can have Gingko biloba in the form of a tea or an infusion by soaking the leaves in hot water and then drinking.

Other home remedies to treat concussion and aid the healing process are:

  • Eating a healthy balanced diet of seasonal vegetables and whole grains
  • Eating eggs and soy products that are high in choline can improve the nervous system and treat memory loss
  • Eating several small meals a day instead of three large ones as heavy meals can induce nausea and vomiting
  • Avoiding fatty foods and foods high in refined sugar
  • Eating non-spicy, non-oily foods if you suffer from nausea as a result of the head injury
  • Avoiding other medications that may make you sleepy or change your level of consciousness
  • Eating foods high in essential fatty acids such as avocados and flax seeds to boost immunity
  • Avoiding alcohol, drugs, sleeping pills, muscle relaxants and tranquilizers as they can further aggravate the nervous system and affect cognitive functioning
  • Foods rich in vitamin B, A, C, and E are high in antioxidants and can heal brain injury. Vitamin C supplements can also reduce blood pressure and prevent clotting as a result of head trauma.
  • Other mineral supplements that can help recovery are selenium and zinc.

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