Prevention from Cerebral Palsy

Although one can never completely immunize themselves completely, the following precautions may be taken in order to give yourself and your offspring every chance of avoiding the disease

  • Proper prenatal care
  • Eat proper nutritious food when pregnant
  • Avoid smoking, drinking and drugs during pregnancy as they encourage premature birth
  • Protection against infections such as rubella through immunization
  • Avoid exposure to toxins and other chemicals when pregnant
  • Testing for Rh factor in advance so that the necessary precautions can be taken during pregnancy and birth
  • Regular and prescribed vaccinations for babies to protect against other diseases and infections
  • Prevent head injury or trauma by using a proper car seat, strapping the baby properly when traveling, or making him wear a helmet if using a cycle
  • Look out for the signs of jaundice in infants and treat the condition immediately
  • Take the necessary preventive measures from epidemic or pandemic infections