How long does it take threadworms to go once I have taken vermox?

Threadworm, also known as pinworm, is a widespread worm infection, and the most common form of worm infection in the United States. It affects both adults and children, though children are more prone to the infection. Threadworm infections spread from one person to another. Normally, a female worm lays its eggs around the anus on a person’s skin. Once this happens a scratchy or itchy feeling arises around that area. When a person scratches the itch, the eggs get transferred to their fingers. This, in turn, could spread when the person touches articles in and around the house or through direct contact. The only way to stop the infection from spreading is by maintaining proper hygiene after going to the toilet. Threadworm eggs can live in the dust for two weeks, which could also lead to the infection spreading when dust is inhaled.

Symptoms of Threadworm Infection

The main symptom of threadworm is irritation and itchiness around the anus, which is normally more pronounced at night while sleeping under warm sheets. Left untreated, threadworm could lead to vaginitis in women and girls.

Threadworm Treatment in Humans

If you are suffering from a threadworm infection, immediate treatment is the best solution, other members of the family should also avail treatment. Threadworm can be treated either with piperazine or menendazole tablets, both of which are readily available at pharmacies. Vermox tablets have menendazole in them that helps treat worm infections.

Worms need to be able to absorb sugar in order to survive, but the presence of mebendazole does not allow them to absorb sugar. This medicine drains the worms of energy, leading to them dying in a few days. The dead worms are then excreted while passing stools. One dose should do, but in some cases, a second course may be required if the infection recurs.

To treat humans and to get rid of threadworms, you can either take a single tablet or drink a spoonful of vermox suspension. The medication should usually work within a week or two. You can take your medication before or after your food, depending on what you are comfortable doing. Vermox tablets can be chewed or swallowed, though for toddlers and children it is preferable to powder the tablet or give them the vermox suspension. Don’t forget to shake the vermox suspension well before a dosage. If your symptoms do not abate after few days of taking the tablet, consult your physician. Do not use this tablet for children who are younger than 2 years and pregnant women.



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Once you take vermox the thread worms should be excreted from your gut in the stools in few days. You might need a second dose after two weeks if the infection is back. If the symptoms persists even after taking the medicine consult a specialist for the same.

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