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Cures for Painful Pimple

pimples are the kind that usually remain below the surface of the skin, and are therefore more painful than the regular outbursts of acne. All you can really do for blind pimples is try and draw them out so they appear on the surface of the skin, break through and provide relief. Lancing them would be a bad idea, since this will leave permanent scars. You can apply several poultices and pastes and see which one works for you. Since none of them have any side effects, you can try them all. Apply a paste of sandalwood and rose water to the pimple and let it cake over. Brush this off and apply a fresh layer again. Continue with this till your skin turns a deeper shade of red. This may draw out the pimple. If you can see the pus below the surface, try using your fingers and pressing all around the pimple to push it forward. Do not press on it or it will go back into your skin and be very painful. Make a solution of turmeric powder and lime juice and leave it on for about 20 minutes. This should also draw out the pimple. Use a swab and keep applying hot water to the pimple. This will also help draw it out. A drop of tea tree oil applied and left on overnight may help it to disappear by morning.

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