How do I get rid of a painful blind pimple?

Blind pimples are formed in the same way as normal acne induced pimples with one major exception – they do not come to a head. The blind pimple will appear to be just bumps under the upper layers of skin and can cause as much irritation on a psychological level as they do on a physical level. Pimple will generally be caused due to a blockage in the pores that will prevent the sebum, or natural oils, that are produced by the sebaceous glands from exiting the pores through which they are secreted onto the upper layers of the skin. This will cause a build up of the sebum within the pores and, when it reacts with the bacteria or dirt on the skin, can become an infectious solution. On the outer layers of the skin, the pimple will simply look like a flesh colored bump but will be as painful as the pimple or zit during an outbreak of acne. As with an outbreak of acne, a person's first idea would be to burst the blind pimple. However, apart from the fact that this will allow the infectious contents to exit the pimple and infect a larger area of the skin, it would also imply that the sufferer broke through the upper layers of the skin to get to the pimple, thereby increasing the likelihood of permanent scarring as well as making the skin even more prone to further infection. Most of the time, your best course of actions would be to take absolutely no action and let the blind pimple develop and burst in its own time. However, very few of us have been blessed with that kind of patience and would look for alternatives.

Some safe and proven ways to get rid of blind pimples are:
  • Create and use a hot compress over the surrounding areas of the pimple which will bring the pimple to a head and make it easier to dispose off, when it shows up as a normal pimple.
  • Drink a lot of water and juices to build up the fluid content in your body as this helps to get rid of the pimple much faster.
  • Applying alcohol over the pimple several times a day will also accelerate the rate at which the pimple comes to a head. Once this happens, it is much easier and safer to splice the head of the pimple.

answered by G M

Blind pimples are usually not deep seated so when you have one of those which don't come to a head, you can dab the tip of a washcloth into very hot water and press it to the blind pimple. Keep repeating it till the water gets cold. Once it comes to the surface it should come out easily. If it doesn't, you can try some of our Home remedies for acne and zits after dabbing with the washcloth technique:

Remember: Never squeeze or pop blind pimples as there is the risk of spreading the infection and leading to tissue damage and possible scarring.

answered by P P

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