How to stop throwing up from food poisoning

Food poisoning occurs due to consumption of stale food. Simple care and rest are effective in treating food poisoning. Simple home remedies help. Visit to a physician is recommended, if vomiting and other symptoms continue for more than two days. Individuals and elders with a heavy intake of antacids are more prone to food poisoning. A tablespoon of cider vinegar or lemon juice in a cup of hot water is effective in treating indigestion. This is done before meals. A decoction of chamomile, raspberry, blackberry and mint proves beneficial. A cup of ginger tea after meals helps in enhancing digestion and enzyme secretion. Half a cup of soya oil is massaged on the stomach with three to four drops of garlic oil. This is especially done after meals. Mint essence or jal cumin seeds are also equally effective. Consumption of bland foods and adequate amount of fluids are recommended. This helps in preventing dehydration. Two tablespoons of undiluted vinegar is also a good remedy. Quarter cup of charcoal powder is mixed in a glass of water and consumed. Eating bread is of great use, as bread has the capacity to absorb the toxins from the foods.

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