Health advice on high blood pressure in pregnancy

my niece is experiencing high blood pressure in her pregnancy, she is 7 months pregnant with her first child. any suggestions?

Blood pressure is defined as the pressure exerted on the arteries in your body. A pregnant woman experiences three types of blood pressure, chronic blood pressure, preeclampsia and transient hypertension.Chronic hypertension is a kind of blood pressure that a woman has even before her pregnancy. Preeclampsia is a condition that occurs during the second half of pregnancy. The major symptoms associated with this condition are high blood pressure, blood changes and protein in the urine. Transient hypertension is a rise in blood pressure during the last stage of pregnancy.

These types of blood pressure are definitely harmful to the pregnant woman as well as her baby. Chronic hypertension can result in slow growth of your baby. Preeclampsia results in various defects with your brain, eyes, liver and blood. It also results in slow growth of your baby and affects your baby's overall health. If you don't take actions for reducing your blood pressure then preeclampsia can even cause your baby to dye. Transient hypertension is not harmful to baby but yet you need to take precautions.So, tell your friend to consult her gynecologist if she wants to deliver a healthy child. She can even try some of the home remedies like carrot juice, spinach, onion juice, honey, Indian gooseberry and basil leaves to lower down her blood pressure.

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