Can I use Tea Tree oil for a mouth sore?

Information on mouth sore

A mouth sore is red and open, seen on the tongue, on the walls of the mouth and on the gums. They are also referred to as canker sores. They recur, due to poor lifestyle, improper eating pattern, stress and constipation. Deficiency of B complex vitamins is yet another cause. Also termed aphthous ulcer, mouth sores are dabbed with equal mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water. Milk of magnesia is an excellent mouth rinse. Avoid chewing gum, sweets, sugar and candies. Check out for food allergies, if any. Acidophilus products are preferred. Supplementation of ascorbic acid helps in rapid wound healing. Acidic and spicy foods are better avoided, as it might aggravate the condition. 5 to 15 percent solution of tea tree oil is recommended, due to its antiseptic properties. Placing used tea bags also prove beneficial. Sucking or chewing papaya helps from canker sores. Gargling with warm salt water is equally effective. An age old remedy for canker sores is wishing copper sulphate. Though painful, it is an effective remedy. Dab cotton with dimethyl sulfoxide and place on the sores. Raw onion is also an excellent remedy for mouth sores.

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