I've been treated by doctors for the last 6 months on vaginal bacteria infection and nothing is working.

Your infection sounds like a stubborn one. However, there is nothing to worry about. Some people are just prone to catching these infections regularly, and it is possible that you are one of those. You must make certain basic hygiene habits a part of your daily lifestyle. The first thing you must do is switch to all-cotton panties. Throw away any synthetic ones. Wash your panties before wearing. And once you wear them, start ironing them after each wash. Change panties at least thrice a day. This should maintain basic cleanliness. Once a week, boil them in hot water with a dash of antiseptic liquid thrown in. try to wear loose clothes at all times, and wear only thigh high stockings. Try to keep your vaginal area as uncovered as possible. Give yourself a vinegar wash every night before going to bed. Wash your vagina, moving from up going backwards, with a mixture of one part vinegar to 10 parts of warm water. Remember to wash up after you have sexual intercourse. Another remedy you can try is to apply cool yogurt to your vaginal area. You may also use your fingers and insert some of it inside. The live bacteria in yogurt will feed off the fungus and clear up your infection. A wash with a few drops of tea tree oil in warm water should also provide relief from the itching and burning.

answered by G R

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