How can i make my 3 year old daughter eat fruits, who is not ready to chew them?

It is very important to manage your child’s health by regulating a nutritious diet for her. Children, especially younger ones, tend to be a bit reluctant to switch to solid foods. Kids of this age group are also fussy eaters. A point to remember is that children look at their parents as role models. Setting the right example by regulating your own dietary habits will help to teach them appropriate eating habits. This works for habits such as drinking milk and eating fruits. If you start practicing these habits, your children will follow suit. Another good way to get kids interested in the right food is to allow them room for exploration. Telling them about the source of the foods such as how they grow and how it is cooked will get them more involved in the eating process. Using food charts depicting various healthy foods can be used while going shopping for groceries along with the child. You can teach your daughter how to choose the healthy food options available by referring to the chart. This is just an interactive way to get the child excited about healthy foods.

The manner in which food is presented to a young child is important in determining how they react to it. Younger children have varied likes and dislikes and these keep changing all the time. By garnishing the food in attractive ways and making the food bright and colourful will make them want to eat it. Camouflaging healthy and often disliked foods along with foods that they readily like will get them to eat healthy. It is essential not to force the child to eat food. Also, allowing them to eat without too much mothering will give them space to play and discover the food, thereby, enjoying the meal. A good way to get your daughter started on solid foods is to give her healthy snacks from time to time.

Since she doesn’t like fruits, you can give her fruit in the form of fruit jelly, fruit custard, milk shakes and smoothies. If she dislikes eating vegetables, then adding vegetable puree to dishes or adding vegetables to likeable meals such as pastas and pizzas is a good idea. Involving the child in making the food and playing around with the food such as making smiley faces or decorating it in shapes will also get her to take an interest in food. Children also have a very short attention span and also small appetites. As such making them have smaller meals at frequent intervals will help.

answered by G M

Make a smoothie mixed with yogurt. Another idea is for getting them to eat fish buy mahi mahi cut into chicken nugget sized peices and fry it up in flour. almost all mothers I told this to at the fish market I used to work at said thier kids were none the wiser 

answered by P P

first start out with bananas, soft pears make in balls with a spoon or a small dipper

answered by B M

There are many things you can do.  You could put them (fruits) in the blender and chop them up.  Also try adding fruit to muffins, many children love bread.  You could also get a juicer and make juice from fruits. 

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