How do I get rid of the itch of a yellow jacket sting?

A yellow jacket, which builds its nest in any nook and cranny of the house, is a very notorious insect. This insect shows a keen interest in the things that we eat and drink, and since they make colonies in our homes, it is very difficult to avoid them. Unfortunately, these insects are attracted to human sweat, and it's quite often that you find yourself trying to get away from a yellow jacket that wants to sting you. During the cold season, when insects are few, the yellow jacket is unable to find prey for itself and turns to humans for food. It is therefore best to avoid this notorious stinging insect that could cause potential pain.

These insects are usually attracted to things that are dark and cool. If you wear dark colored clothing, they will turn to you. Therefore, if you have some yellow jackets in your house or vicinity, it is best to dress in light colored clothing. Wearing perfumes or fragrances can also attract these insects towards you. Yellow jackets often sting without any reason, unlike the other stinging insects. Also, unlike bees, they do not even die after stinging once. If they have stung you once, they will sting repeatedly. Killing a yellow jacket ruptures its venom sack and incites other yellow jackets in its hive to attack you. It is therefore in your best interest to simply avoid the insects. If a yellow jacket has stung you, it is best to just leave from that place to avoid further stinging. Fast action really works while treating a sting. Immediately look for the stinger and remove it by either squeezing the skin around it, or with a pair of tweezers. If you let the stinger remain in the skin, it will keep causing harm.

You can even remove the stinger by scraping it with a knife or other fine-edged objects. Clean the wound with water and soap and apply an ice pack. Once you are successful in dulling the pain, clean the wound with an antiseptic lotion. You can now apply some ammonia on the wound to stop an allergic reaction. Alternatively, you may make a paste of baking soda with water and smear on the affected area before wrapping a clean piece of cloth around it. The pain will usually last for about 1 to 3 days. If the pain is too much to bear, it is best to take a pain killer.

answered by G M


  1. First check for the stinger remove it with tweezer or your own fingers.
  2. Wash with antiseptic solution or soap and water .
  3. Apply ice for swelling
  4. Baking soda with water mixed can be applied to relieve the itching of the yellow jacket .
  5. Give 1 tsf of honey to drink every 2 hours after the sting for 3-4 times.

answered by D M K

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