any quick relief ideas for ear ache?

Steam inhalations often clear all the respiratory passages (ear, nose and throat). An infusion of eucalyptus leaves is particularly beneficial.

A tablespoonful of mustard or sesame-seed oil, heated with a clove of garlic then filtered and cooled to a bearable temperature, can be instilled (1-2 drops) in the ear. Tilt the head so that the oil goes into the ear, and hold the head in that position for a minute or so. Do this twice a day for 2-3 days.

One or two drops of holy basil-leaf juice in the ear in beneficial for an earache.

One or two drops of garlic oil, put twice a day in the ear, is also efficacious. However, this may cause irritation in some people, so add a drop of milk to it.

A few drops of fresh lime juice, diluted with an equal quantity of water two drops twice a day-is also very effective.

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