My two daughters have very severe Head Lice & Nit infestation. I have used Licel on a number of occasions but to no success. Please advise how to treat this problem?

I had this problem with my kids when they were young it was the other kids at school. I spent big bucks but they kept getting reinfested.

Use a good product one that gets the lice and eggs. Then pick their hair as well as you can. You must clean all their bedding using hot water. Bag up in trash bags all the stuffed animals and hats coats, anything they lay on or that comes in contact with their heads or hair that is too hard to wash Wash all hair brushes, bows, combs, barretts, rinse with really hot water. Use a spray for lice and spray your couches etc where their heads come in contact. Then VACUUM everything to get the live adn dead ones and eggs. You must keep the stuff bagged up I think it's for 3-4 weeks. Even vacuum their mattresses. Keep thier hair clean and rinse in the hottes water they can take without burning them of course. Then tell them you will beat them if they use other kids clothes, hair brushes or touch heads with other kids. Girls like to get close and chat and that can reinfest them. I actually had to talk to the school which was imbarrassing but it had to be done. The school nurse went through the other kids hair and sent notes home to those kids that were infested. It was a really hard problem to git rid of and it cost a lot of money too. But finally after going to the school and doing all the stuff above we got rid of them. Dont forget to rewash their clothing too and check everyone in the family or have them use the product you choose for head lice to make sure everyone is treated. Blond hair is the worst, you can't even see the lice or eggs. Hope this helps, stay strong!

answered by o f m

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