Advice to reduce eyeglass number: I am 15years old,using spectacles of power -2.0D & -1.75D. How can I reduce the number effectively?

Try out some of these Home Remedies which you will surely benefit from:

For Tired Eyes:

  • Place some cold, fresh cucumber slices on the eyes for a few minutes to revitalize them.
  • You can also place potato slices over both your closed eyelids and lie down for 5 mins.

For Burning eyes:

Place cotton swab dipped in rose water. Squeeze slightly and place over closed eyelids. This is very soothing.

Eye Exercises to reduce eye strain and maintain general good health of your eye:

If you spend time staring at your computer screen for long periods, you can blink your eyes hard after every hour. Here are some simple eye exercises to relieve eye muscles and reduce eye strain.

Sit up with your back straight on a chair with backrest.

Close your eyes and place the palm of each hand over an eye, so you feel your palms warming your eyes.

Open your eyes and move them slowly as follows:

  • Upward and Downward (5-10 times)
  • To the right and To the left (5-10 times)
  • Up to the right at 45 degrees and then Up to the left at 45 degrees (5-10 times)
  • Down at 45 degrees to the right and Down at 45 degrees to the left (5-10 times)

Splash cool water on your eyes at least 2-3 times a day or more to feel refreshed and keep your eyes clean.

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