Please suggest natural treatments for a two year old girl having common cold and runny nose?

A common cold is a common virus infection which doesn't have a permanent cure in today's medical world. But that is nothing to worry as it is not a dire infection. But because the symptoms are so acute, you usually scramble to find a cure for the common cold.Runny nose and a sore throat indicate a common cold is on its way. A constant runny nose and sneezing are different common cold symptoms. The common cold symptoms in infants, babies and children usually include a constant runny nose. These symptoms if not treated in time, can make the person who has the cold very miserable. It is most unfortunate when the common cold affects toddlers, babies, infants or children. They are not able to articulate how bad they are feeling.

Common cold remedies and treatments are plenty. The common cold remedies and treatments for infants, babies and children are similar. You need to trust your instinct and definitely refrain from giving them adult tonics. Home remedies for babies and toddlers in case of runny nose must be executed with care. Most decongestants are for children over the age of 3 and that includes throat lozenges too.Regular cold and congestion medication and over-the-counter solutions does not help or are even recommended for children under 3. So how does one cure a runny nose then? You can stop a runny nose with the runny nose treatment. The runny nose treatment in babies and children includes giving your child more fluids. If you are breastfeeding your child, breastfeed could act as a remedy as breast milk has cold-fighting capability. A constant runny nose in a toddler or a baby causes sneezing. Keep a humidifier in the room which will make it a little easier for the baby to breathe. You can also keep the baby's head elevated allowing the baby to breathe more easily and freely.Sometimes the nasal congestion makes it very difficult for a baby or a toddler to breathe.

At such times, you could squeeze a few drops of a saline solution in his nose gently. This will give the baby some ease to breathe with. Home remedies for runny nose can be found in your kitchen. One such is giving your child a lick of honey or even honey with some hot water. That will ease congestion and stop the runny nose. Even a light massage of lavender oil and camphor with olive oil, on the baby's chest, can help reduce the inflammation caused by the common cold. Another combination is one of saffron and water, ground into a smooth paste and then applied to the baby's back, chest and forehead and nose.

Ginger juice has been known to help for common cold. But when you give it to infants and children, you need to ensure you do not overdo it. It can be a strong flavor and a child might not be happy tasting it. You can combine it with some honey and lemon. Adding a few drops of eucalyptus or menthol or pine oil to a vaporizer can help a baby or a child find relief from his symptoms of a common cold. If the child is over 6 months old, you can even try feeding it a mild chamomile tea.To prevent your child from getting a cold, you should increase the child's vitamin C intake. Feed the child more citrus fruits and if it is a toddler, vegetables like broccoli and bell peppers. If your baby's or child's runny nose is prevalent even a week to 10 days after trying home remedies, you should call your pediatrician.

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