Treat sinus mucus phlegm

An infection of the sinus can cause sinus phlegm and could be extremely difficult to deal with as it makes one feel sick and irritated all day. It is important that the immune system is made strong enough to fight the sinus infection and eject the phlegm or sputum as it is otherwise known. A healthy balanced and high protein diet is essential during the infection phase and medical practitioners usually advise drinking warm liquids. These liquids should be rich in electrolytes, protein, vitamins and minerals and warm broth or clear chicken soup not only provides relief to the sinus, but also helps in loosening up the sinus phlegm. Prop yourself up with pillows while going to bed, in fact, if a six inch height would be ideal to relieve the sinus pressure. The sputum could be spat out after a good bout of steaming. Spit out the phlegm and do not swallow it as this will only reintroduce it into your body and worsen the condition.

Steaming could be done by boiling water till it is steaming and using a towel to cover your head as well as the saucepan. Inhale the steam so that your sinuses are cleared up and the sputum becomes white or clear. Noticing the color of your sputum becomes important because the sign of an infection is apparent in the color. A sinus infection lasts about two weeks and if the color is yellow, it indicates that the infection is either beginning or ending. If the phlegm takes on a greenish tinge, it is an indication of the infection being in full swing. This will then turn back to yellow and finally white before clearing up. If on the other hand, you notice that it is orange or brown in color, you must consult a physician immediately as it could be the sign of a serious lung infection. A hot water shower every morning and evening will also go a long way in clearing up the sinus phlegm. While there are several cough syrups and expectorants available commercially, it may not be ideal to resort to them as many of them function as a suppressant and suppress the phlegm instead of bringing it out. If you still wish to resort to one, consult your local health care provider or an ENT specialist about it and do not self medicate. Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol and artificially flavored beverages.

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